There once stood a prosperous kingdom called Vittoria, built around an ancient tower said to house an even more ancient dragon. This dragon was of the benevolent variety, watching over the land and keeping its people safe and secure. Vittoria’s ruler, however, was more interested in rumors of the dragon’s unparalleled might, devoting himself to the questionable task of slaying the beast.

This foolhardy campaign ultimately left his soul empty and hollow, transforming him into a demon and dooming his kingdom virtually overnight. Vittoria was swallowed up by the earth and its citizens cursed to wander the buried ruins of their once-great nation forevermore.

One thousand years passed, and a new nation was unknowingly established on the former site of this fallen empire. It is from this land that a stern, stoic swordsman named Ares Toraernos hails. A bounty hunter by trade, Ares has made many enemies in his time, but none as persistent as the sorceress Dela Delon. After tracking Ares to an old, abandoned mine, Dela sees her chance to finish him off once and for all – but when one of her fireballs strikes the ground, a sinkhole is formed, claiming the two of them before either can flee to safety.

Barely surviving the fall, Ares awakens sometime later in the heart of an old, ruined city overlooked by a distant tower. With that spire the only route back to the surface, he resolves to trek his way through these labyrinthine halls, all the while fighting formidable foes, dodging ancient traps, meeting other lost souls unfortunate enough to have found their way down here and, of course, keeping a constant vigil for any sign of his ever-present arch-rival...