Massive Dungeons Designed to kill you

Over 40 Massive Dungeon Floors Designed to Kill You

Explore ancient ruins, cursed caverns, otherworldly planes and more, each riddled with false floors, false walls, spikes, poison traps, boulders, teleporters and other deadly surprises. Solve brain-busting puzzles, battle unique enemies and forge ever onward!

Innovative World-Turning Mechanice

Immersive Atmosphere through Innovative “World-Turning” Mechanic

Like a first-person dungeon crawler with a third-person viewpoint, the camera is always positioned behind Ares with the world smoothly rotating into place whenever he turns, creating a feeling of total immersion and really pulling players into the action.

Bonus Content Dela Mode

Bonus Content including Expert-Level “Dela Mode”

Beat the game as Ares to challenge an additional 10 floors as the sorceress Dela, complete with harder enemies, crueler traps and a whole new perspective on the story!

Engaging Mini-Games

Engaging Mini-Games with Exclusive Prizes

Play the slots or challenge lost souls to an original card game called “Blade,” then use your winnings to buy unique items that can aid you in escaping these deadly ruins.