This is by no means a complete listing of the monsters Ares and Dela will face in these dark, dingy depths, but rather a mere introduction to the most common cretins that may be found lurking around any given corner or beyond any given door. Learning the ins and outs of these creatures is crucial to staying alive down here… at least, until one should encounter a terror not featured on this list, at which point all bets are off.


After his lengthy fall, Ares awakens within these ancient Vittorian ruins, injured and disoriented but – somehow – still alive. Wandering the forgotten halls with him are creatures well-suited to his state of mind, offering minimal challenge at first but gradually growing in difficulty as he draws nearer and nearer the tower.

Slime Slime
HP: 5 MP: 0 STR: 4 DEF: 1 INT: 5 MGR: 1 LUCK: 4 EXP: 4
Attack: ★ ★
Speed: ★ ★ ★
This most common of foes comes into being when a pool of stagnant water is possessed by a malevolent spirit. Slimes are often seen on the surface as well, but they’re typically weakened by the light of the sun. Here, however, where no natural light can reach, Slimes are free to roam and grow unimpeded.

HP: 15 MP: 0 STR: 8 DEF: 1 INT: 0 MGR: 2 LUCK: 0 EXP: 4
Attack: ★ ★ ★
Speed: ★ ★
These soulless shells of long-dead knights or soldiers, typically referred to simply as the Undead, are among the more persistent fiends encountered throughout the dungeon areas. Though they can be killed, they never stay dead for long, making it perhaps most prudent simply to avoid them. Some say there is a means of keeping them down, but these proposed methods typically involve some form of holy water, which is a commodity not readily available in this unholiest of places…

HP: 15 MP: 0 STR: 9 DEF: 1 INT: 0 MGR: 1 LUCK: 5 EXP: 8
Attack: ★ ★ ★
Speed: ★ ★ ★
Demi-humans like Orcs tend to favor brawn over brains – and as such, they are not at all lacking in brawn. With tough metal armor stolen from their defeated prey layered atop their well-honed muscles, this is arguably one of the most imposing monsters to be found in the ruins. Generally known to take out its enemies in a single blow, one does not mess with an Orc unless he or she has a clear strategy in mind, lest one become its next victim…


Eventually, after entering the tower that extends from the ground below to the ground above, Ares finds himself encountering far greater monsters in far greater numbers. These evil entities attack both from short and long range, and boast an intelligence with the potential (however small) to outwit him. His journey hasn’t truly begun until this point, and it will take every bit of strength and cunning he has to ensure that it likewise doesn’t end before he reaches the top…

HP: 50 MP: 73 STR: 17 DEF: 25 INT: 22 MGR: 14 LUCK: 32 EXP: 28
Attack: ★ ★ ★ ★
Speed: ★ ★ ★
These cruel demons seek out those who have already been beaten down by their environments in order to finish the job, delighting in the pain and suffering of others. Capable of manifesting fireballs from their hands, Gargoyles typically burn their victims to death, favoring the slow torture of flame over the quick and easy demise that their razor-sharp claws are otherwise capable of delivering.

HP: 30 MP: 8 STR: 21 DEF: 16 INT: 38 MGR: 6 LUCK: 255 EXP: 35
Attack: ★ ★ ★ ★
Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Thieves wait in the shadows for the perfect opportunity to strike, then jump out to relieve unwary adventurers of their most valued possessions. These were probably mere grave robbers from Banourd once upon a time, forced to wander the monster-infested corridors of Vittoria until they eventually, inevitably lost their minds. Though they’re not dangerous in the traditional sense, their sticky fingers could easily grab an unfortunate traveler’s last health potion or weapon – an act that is, for all intents and purposes, a death sentence all its own.


Between the tower’s tip and the freedom he seeks, Ares must navigate a series of catacombs infested by demonic vermin that rival anything he’s faced up to this point. These are creatures that break all the rules, and must be dealt with accordingly. It would be most unfortunate, after all, if he were to come all this way only to go no farther…

HP: 22 MP: 0 STR: 20 DEF: 5 INT: 0 MGR: 0 LUCK: 33 EXP: 25
Attack: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Speed: ★ ★ ★
Evolved in darkness to become unnaturally large and vicious, these bats would pose little threat on the surface or even in a wide open room. Unfortunately, that’s not where they’re found! This particular variety intentionally frequents areas rife with narrow spaces and poor footholds, taking advantage of its own strengths to harangue those who have no room to back away and nowhere to run. The best defense against this particular foe is simply to seek and destroy it as soon as its presence is made known, before it’s been afforded the opportunity to become a true nuisance.

HP: 78 MP: 123 STR: 50 DEF: 42 INT: 33 MGR: 27 LUCK: 45 EXP: 38
Attack: ★ ★ ★ ★
Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★
Considered one of the most dangerous of all demons among those familiar with their lore, the Medusas (for indeed, this is a species, not just a single creature) are capable of turning to stone all who gaze into their eyes. There is no cure for this petrification, save to shake one’s body until the afflicted areas have been excruciatingly cast away. And while that’s happening, the Medusas will be attacking without mercy, taking full advantage of their prey’s immobilization to finish it off once and for all.


As with the monster listing above, this is not at all an exhaustive catalog, but rather a small cross-section of items that are sure to pass through Ares’ hands at some point or another during his upward trek. Eventually, he may come across so many items that he hasn’t the room to carry them all – though that, too, is a problem best solved through additional, more esoteric items...

The most basic of weapons, existing in large quantities since most everyone who’s fallen into Vittoria had at least one on hand. They don’t do a lot of damage, but they’re so plentiful as to be the perfect “disposable” weapons, plenty effective against wandering fiends within the ruins.

A much rarer weapon, with a much sharper blade and a covering for the back of the hand to allow for a sturdier grip. This is a true fighter’s sword, capable of taking down foes in far fewer hits than most other common blades. If well cared for, one Saber can get even the hardest of warriors through a great many battles.

The “H” stands for “Health.” Made by boiling and purifying mystical herbs, one sip can heal any and all wounds from the inside out. Best to use caution, however, as there are bottles of identical-looking potions scattered throughout Vittoria that are a bit less... healthful.

One of many finely-ornamented rings infused with magical powers by some long-forgotten sorcerer. The wearer is granted total control over the element of fire, even if he or she has no innate magical abilities whatsoever. Take note, however, that the ring is weakened each time it’s used, and will break once its power has been exhausted.

Made of steel, but considerably aged and fairly unbalanced. This enormous hammer is the perfect choice for taking down an unstable wall or obstacle, though it’s not at all suited for combat. Due to its shoddy construction, it’s likely to break immediately after use, so make sure your aim is true!